Drunk in… February

February was a good month for us, lots of beer deliveries, visits to some new bars and a couple of trips squeezed in as well, including a visit to Meantime Brewery. Continuing our monthly series, here are our top beers for February:


Small Batch: Vermont IPA
IPA – American
7.4% ABV
Incredible beer. Hopefully BrewDog see sense and actually make this properly as it deserves it. Super juicy, golden, cloudy nectar of the Gods.

IPA – Triple
13% ABV
What better way to celebrate finally making it to Mother Kelly’s than with an Triple IPA from an Estonian brewery? This kicked my head in, in the best possible way.


Image taken from Siren Craft Brew website

Bourbon Coffee Broken Dream
Siren Craft Brew
Stout – American
6.5% ABV
Somehow ended up having this version before the regular non-Bourbon coffee version that’s pretty much ubiquitous. This take on it is better – much more coffee coming through and the bourbon finish made this one to sup rather than chin.

Autumn + Winter IPA Vic Secret Wai-Iti
Cloudwater Brew Co.
IPA – American
6.5% ABV
I ordered this on a whim to bulk out an online order without really checking what style of beer it was. Glad I took the dive as it’s fantastic. Similar to the Cloudwater DIPAs but not quite as punchy.

Image taken from Beavertown website

Heavy Water with Hazelnut and Cocoa
Stout – Imperial / Double
9.8% ABV
Similar to the Broken Dream above; I had this Hazelnut and Cocoa version before the regular Heavy Water version and again, this version reigns supreme. The extra chocolate and nutty flavours really elevated this stout. Big fan.

Cloudwater Brew Co.
IPA – Imperial / Double
9% ABV
It’s Cloudwater, it’s a Double IPA. Is it as good as previous versions? Probably not but who cares? When they are consistently churning out DIPAs at this level, you can’t really complain either way. First version I’ve had in a can and it holds up just as well, if not better, than from a bottle.


Hop Rod
Staggeringly Good
IPA – American
5.8% ABV
Mah gahhhd. They’ve done it again. I’m continually impressed by Staggeringly Good’s range and Hop Rod is no exception. Brewed exclusively for Portsmouth pub The Beer Vaults; this big juicy number is divine and stands up to many of the offerings from their bigger, more established craft brethrens. I think I could have found my favourite beer of the year and it’s only February!

Image taken from Siren Craft Brew website

Liquid Mistress
Siren Craft Brew
5.8% ABV
IPA – Red
I enjoy a red ale so was really pleased to sample this this gorgeous roasted beer. This really stood out from the all the big fruity flavours that I’ve had recently. This went down perfectly on a cold, dark Sunday afternoon where all we wanted to do was find a nice warm pub to hole up in.

Cake Boy Hazelnut Ale
Meantime Brewing Company
5% ABV
Brown Ale – Other
This was my highlight from the pickups I made from visiting Meantime Brewery. This is an amazing cake-in-a-bottle beer and I really enjoyed savouring the taste of this one. A fantastic rich, truffle like number.

No Comply
4.8% ABV
Pilsner – Other
I picked this up from a Yorkshire Brewing Co. stand on Greenwich market. I’ve enjoyed other Vocation beers and love their distinctive can designs, so I was keen to try this one. A refreshing, zesty beer with lemon and lime flavours.

Image taken from Meantime Brewery website

(The Pilot Series) Born Hoppy
Meantime Brewing Company
3.2% ABV
Pale Ale – American
Another from The Pilot Series and my favourite beer that I had on draught at the Meantime taproom. A refreshing easy drinking beer that packed loads of flavour despite the low ABV.

Image taken from Siren Craft Brew website

Proteus IPA Vol I
Siren Craft Brew
IPA – American
I had this as part of a selection on a beer flight and it really stood out amongst the others. A very easy drinking beer, smooth with a lot of flavour.

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